A Reconnaissance Mission in Patagonia

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By Eric Larsen

The crew from MSR sent me a quick note asking if I would share details from my recent reconnaissance trip to Patagonia. They were specifically wondering about my gear, if I achieved my goals and how might this trip be different from last year’s North Pole expedition. Legit questions for sure, but the last one made me smile. Read More →

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Field Testing MSR Snowshoes in Andermatt, Switzerland

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Designing gear can’t happen in a cubicle. Sure, there’s a lot of computer work that goes into creating CAD drawings and engineering specs, but the real solutions—the big ideas—come from the field. Chris Barchet, category director for MSR Water & Winter products, is a perpetual field tester. He recently headed to the Andermatt region of Switzerland on a snowshoe R&D trip to reacquaint himself with the terrain and chat with mountain guides and users to find out what works best for them. Here’s a quick look at one of the many professional recon missions Chris takes in the world’s most incredible places.

MSR traction takes over.

MSR traction takes over.

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New Zealand’s Te Araroa Trail: Tramping vs. Hiking

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looking down from the 42 Traverse onto the Whanganui River.

Looking down from the 42 Traverse onto the Whanganui River.

Perhaps it was the face plant into ankle deep mud, my feet ensnared in slippery roots and grasping vines, my pack pressing me deeper into the sludge. Or maybe it was bushwhacking through a tunnel of needle-prick gorse, my arms and face cut by a thousand tiny, green swords. Or, no, it could have been the time an electric fence was stretched directly across the trail—when I realized New Zealand’s famed Te Araroa might not quite be what I was expecting. Read More →

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Hit the Trail: Five Great Hikes to Explore in the New Year

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With the New Year comes new opportunity for adventure. Where will your wanderlust take you in the coming months? We asked five MSR reps to divulge their favorite hikes—near or far—to get your bucket list off to a great start. Make these treks part of your new year’s resolution and make this year one for the books.

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Winter Escapes: Eric Larsen’s Top 5 Places for Snowshoe Adventures

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Some people look at winter and see bone-chilling cold, bad driving conditions and more, but if you’re anything like me you see winter as the great leveler—literally. Snow evens out the bumps, stumps, roots and rocks of any trail, and covers up undergrowth and shrubs, making the wintry landscape beautiful and perfect for snowshoeing. Still, some places are better than others and here are my top five picks for places to plan snowshoe adventures. Read More →

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OnLocation Collective Takes on Big Bend National Park

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Article by Steve Rokks – Images by Steve Rokks, PaulGo, and Daniel Davis

DAY 1 – NOV 4, 2014: 5:00AM

The forecast called for non-stop rain, 40+ mph winds, and occasional hail; so Paul Golangco, Ty Clark and I loaded up our vehicle and headed south down I-20. Our latest onLocation trip was taking us to the mountains and valleys of Big Bend National Park in South Texas where we planned to meet up with Daniel Davis, Kris Rutherford, and Jacob Combs who were leaving from Austin.

The onLOCATION Collective is our crew of adventurers, creators and storytellers. Together, we’re on a journey to beautiful destinations around the world with one simple purpose: to seek adventure as a means to inspirational and creative experiences.

At 12:45pm on this November day on our second trip of 14, we reached the North Gate of Big Bend at the Permission Gap and acquired wilderness permits, allowing us to legally camp in the park. We chose the valley between Croton Peak and Carter Peak as the best central location for our planned trips over the next few days.


The weather in Big Bend when we arrived was everything less than ideal. Actually, it was shitty. High winds and torrential rains. Paul, Ty, and I quickly decided to find the best ground, and set up camp. Read More →

Travel Log: A Journey to the Tibetan Plateau

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A journey to the Tibetan Plateau from David E. Anderson on Vimeo.

I love to travel. Stepping outside of my “normal” life allows me to experience different environments and cultures to gain a better perspective on the world. Six months of each year my partner Szu-ting and I guide trekking and climbing trips in Asia. We also mix in a few personal climbing adventures during that time. In the summer and fall of 2014, our work and play took us to the sweltering climbing areas of Eastern China, the high altitude peaks of Tibetan Plateau and finally Gobi Desert of Mongolia. Read More →

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On Location for the WindBoiler™ Stove System Photo Shoot

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Bishop, California, baby!

Story by Karen Predmore

Images are an important part of telling the MSR story and we work hard to capture those moments that inspire our customers and show our products doing what they do best—enabling big adventures. This past summer, we started work on bringing our new WindBoiler Personal Stove System to life through great imagery. Read More →

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Backpacking to British Columbia’s Garibaldi Lake

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IMG_2052 copy

Photos and story by Riley Leboe

I’m lucky enough to travel the world doing what I love. Chasing powder snow as a professional skier has brought me to many amazing places around the globe. Still, I often find it difficult to leave the west coast of British Columbia, where I call home. With the Sea to Sky corridor offering so much in the way of activities, I’ve left much unexplored in my own backyard. Read More →

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Getting the Shot: Behind the Scenes on the MSR Snow Tools Photoshoot

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Photos and words by Scott Rinckenberger

This spring, I had the pleasure of shooting the photography that will be used by MSR in the marketing materials for their new Snow Tools line of products. In an impressive effort to round out their hardware offerings to support backcountry travel, MSR’s new Shovels, Probes and Snow Saws are smartly designed and intended for professional use.

In order to reinforce this commitment to professional quality in the new products, it was important to MSR that we photograph the gear being put through the paces of an actual practice use scenario. To that end, they recruited long time collaborator, ski patroller, ski guide and NWAC field observer Jeff Hambelton to lead myself and a couple of Baker pros on a mission to take field observations and run a simulated avalanche rescue.

Image 1
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