MSR Folding Utensils – Behind the Gear

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Product Manager Steve Grind answers a few questions about the design and performance of MSR’s Folding Utensils.

What is the advantage of a folding spoon, fork or spork?

Folding utensils are popular because they collapse into a much smaller configuration for packing, and often provide an overall longer utensil that is more suitable for use with pouch-cook meals. And utensil length is important if you’re a freeze dried food aficionado, assuming you’d prefer not to spend your after dinner time cleaning stroganoff from your knuckles. Some people prefer rigid utensils for their simplicity and ease of cleaning—and there are some good, long, single-piece utensils available. I tend to take folding utensils on most trips, though, since I can pack each color-coded utensil inside its matching mug, thereby keeping the kitchen kit more organized and easier to use. Read More →

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