Off-Belay Americas: From Seattle to Patagonia and Everything In Between

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Belay: verb – fix (a running rope) around a cleat, pin, rock, or other object, to secure it.

A rope and harness are essential pieces of equipment for any climber on a belay team. They offer assurance and security while crossing glaciers or when scaling a sheer face. Comparisons are often drawn between climbing and the journey we all embark on in life. Both offer peaks, valleys, treacherous crevasses and points at which the hand holds just seem to run out. A year ago we asked ourselves if this life journey we are on is at its fullest when navigated “on-belay.” Honestly, it’s an answer we don’t have, but a question we are dying to ask.

Over the past two years we’ve had the ability to see one side of the equation. We enjoyed established corporate careers where we were comfortable, insured and safe. It’s now time to give the debate a fair shake and dive head first into the flipside of the conversation. Through the next 10 months on the road we are taking this rope team off-belay to embrace a life of adventure and meaningful relationships along the way.

To achieve an undertaking such as this we enlisted many key partners throughout the planning process. Hailing from Seattle we like to keep things local, which led us to reach out to hometown companies to lend us their strengths. At the top of the list fell Mountain Safety Research for outdoor equipment ranging from stoves to tents; Nuun for hydration tablets; TorFab for Land Cruiser support; and KAVU for outdoor lifestyle apparel. In essence we’re stepping “off-belay” while maintaining an incredibly strong rope team built from these sponsors and our supportive friends and family.

So at this point it seems we’re unroping proverbially while maintaining an incredibly strong rope team…Wait, that doesn’t make sense… Or does it? Regardless, we’re on our way, and you can ride shotgun with us as we continue to contribute right here at The Summit Register!
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The ultimate Road Trip: Life with Katrin and Lars Schneider

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 Lars Schneider

Katrin and Lars Schneider are living a life most of us envy—for more than ten years, they have been traveling, exploring and working together all around the world. Their photography and writing showcases a great variety of outdoor pursuits from backpacking, kayaking, freeriding, ski touring and snowshoeing, to mountain biking, yoga, trail running and bike touring. Take a look at their blog, and get inspired to take your own journey.

Lars and Katrin gave us an inside look on what life is really like on the ultimate road trip:

 Lars Schneider 1

Cooking on the road with MSR!


 Lars Schneider 2

As the saying goes, Don’t throw the baby out with the pasta water!


 Lars Schneider 3

Home Sweet Home




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American Road Tripping

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Photos and Story By Ben Kunz

The climbing road trip has become a defining part of being an American climber.  The freedom of packing up a vehicle and travelling to dreamy crags across this Great Land is part of our climbing culture.  Last year marked a chance to fulfill a dream of taking some serious time explore some of the best climbing this country has to offer.

The High Sierra

Galen Rowell’s amazing photography opened up my world to the High Sierra.  These amazing mountains with its excellent rock boasts some of American’s finest alpine routes!

“The best alpine wall in the country.” – Peter Croft, about the Incredible Hulk


Tyrolean traverse on Sun Ribbon Arete on Temple Crag:

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