Maintaining Your MSR MiniWorks Filter

Backpacking season is here and it’s time to get ready for the trail! Before you head out the door, check out your MSR MiniWorks filter and make sure it’s ready for another year of service. Here are some easy maintenance tips that will keep your filter working at its full potential for years to come.

Need more info? The complete owner’s manual is available on our website.

  • Cory Gant

    I have the MiniWorks from about 15 years ago. Great filter. This weekend when filtering some glacial creek water it stopped working and I am unable to get the top off to clean the ceramic. Any suggestions on how to free up the top threads? Thanks.

    • Fred Pfeifer

      Usually the reason why the filter housing is very hard to open is due to a vapor lock inside the filter housing. I suggest removing the pump piston and then press down on the tip of the umbrella valve to equalize the filter housing pressure. The filter should then be much easier to open. Also an old and stretched out upper housing o-ring seal causes the filter to be more difficult to open. I suggest replacing the upper housing o-ring and lube it with MSR silicone lubricant (best) or petroleum jelly.

      • Cory Gant

        Pressing down on the umbrella valve to equalize the pressure worked. Thank you.

      • Cory Gant

        It was vapor locked. Thank you for the helpful response!