MSR’s Seattle Repair Shop: Keeping Timeless Gear Alive

When Larry Penberthy started MSR in 1969, he knew he couldn’t control the demands people would place on his gear, but he could engineer his products to be exceptionally durable and easily repaired. By doing so, he’d ensure that MSR gear offered the longest possible useful life—which was good for both his customers and the environment. Even at that time, high-quality manufacturing was not always the norm and Larry wanted his gear built for the long haul, not for mere trends.

Today, MSR gear is still built on that same philosophy and our Seattle Warranty & Repair Shop is right there to back it up. Every year, the shop’s technicians restore to original working order thousands of well-used and lovingly abused MSR products—clogged WhisperLite stoves from the ‘70s, 10-year-old Lightning snowshoes with broken bindings, “ancient” MSR tents with torn rainflies.

“This gear has a history and the people who bring it in have a history—you can see it in their faces,” says Iris Diligencia, one of the shop’s two full-time technicians. “They tell us they want to pass their gear on to their kids someday. It’s cool to work on classic products and know I’ll be able to keep that gear alive for years to come.”

Repair Shop

Walk-ins welcome

The repair shop is located at MSR’s headquarters and it’s not unusual for PCT hikers to stop in with worn out gear as they near the end of their hike. “Many people come in off of their trips—thru-hikers, motorcyclists on long tours, one guy biked in from the East Coast,” says Charlie Lane, the other full-time technician. Legendary mountaineer Fred Beckey once brought in his old cobwebbed XGK stove to have it serviced before a remote expedition. “In the spring we can get 40 stoves in one bunch from NOLS, or tents from Boy Scout camps,” Charlie says.

Together, Charlie and Iris have encyclopedic knowledge of decades’ worth of MSR gear—they literally know the products inside and out. “I love working on this old gear. It’s like restoring a classic motorcycle engine and getting it running smoothly again,” Charlie says.

Repair Shop

Warranty, maintenance, or repair?

When products come across their workbenches, the technicians determine whether the product falls under warranty, maintenance, or repair. “We can fix most things because we can run over to MSR’s factory next door and get practically any part we need to fix a piece of gear,” Iris says.

The technicians also spend a good deal of time educating customers on how to use their equipment and take care of it. “I like keeping people excited about the outdoors, and when your gear works it makes it that much more enjoyable,” Charlie says.

Repair Shop

Sustainable solution

It’s not just about breathing new life into old gear. MSR’s founder, Larry, wasn’t just a tech-minded engineer, he was also a passionate outdoorsman and lifelong mountaineer. He knew that respect for the outdoors was one of the best ways to help preserve precious wild places. The other way was to build gear that lasted as long as possible, so that excess resources needn’t to be used up to replace them. That dedication to conservation is still alive today.

“The more things we can fix, the more things we can keep out of landfills—the better,” Iris says.

Seattle Repair Shop

Location, hours and services

Have a trusty MSR product that needs service or repair? The MSR Warranty & Repair Shop is located at 130 South Dakota Street, Seattle, 98134, and is open Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Here are a few of the main services it offers:

Stove overhaul ($35): This may include a thorough cleaning, as well as replacing the fuel line, and installing new legs, new flame rings and a new wick. Afterward, the stove is burn-tested to ensure it’s working to MSR standards.

Fuel pump overhaul ($10): The team will change the pump’s O-rings and conduct a pressure test to ensure sure it’s operating within MSR specs.

Stove + fuel pump overhaul ($40)

Water filters: This typically includes thoroughly cleaning and unclogging the filter, and replacing worn or broken parts.

Tent poles: Broken poles are replaced for free thanks to their limited lifetime warranty. The technicians’ “Tent Bible” includes tent schematic drawings that date back to 1998, and the shop has the pole segments to service many of those tents.

Tent fabric: Our in-house seamstress can sew in panels, fix mesh rips, and tape worn seams. The team can also replace the sliders on the zippers (but not the zippers themselves).

Snowshoes overhaul: If your snowshoes are older than 5 years and the damage falls outside of warranty, the team can upgrade you to a new pair of decks or bindings for a highly discounted price.

Repair Shop

How to service your products yourself

Just about every MSR product can be maintained in the field without special tools, and/or serviced annually with an MSR maintenance kit. Here are a few helpful links to get you started:


Stove Maintenance Videos

Stove Annual Maintenance Kit

Stove Expedition Maintenance Kit


Tent Pole Repair Splints

Tent Mesh Repair Kit

Tent Fabric Repair Kit

Tent Wash & Restore Kit

Water Treatment:

Water Filter & Purifier Replacement Parts & Kits


Snowshoe Replacement Parts & Kits

  • Richard Fiji

    Hey I have a twenty year old Whisper lite stove that has traveled the world with me on my motorbike. . Visiting at least 40 counties. Snow freezing boiling rain and sand never a problem that couldn’t be solved. I’m living in New Zealand right now and I just can’t get it to work anymore. I’ve pulled it apart so many times. I have another big trip coming up driving the same motorbike that I left the UK on 16 years ago home to Bristol England. I need it to come with me. Help me please I’m happy to send it too you.
    Thanks Rich

    • MSR_Staff

      Hey Richard,

      Thanks for commenting. Please send an email to with a description of the stove’s issue and any pictures you can provide so we can assist you further.


  • MSR_Staff

    Hey Tom,

    Please send an email to and we’ll be able to help you out.


  • MSR_Staff

    Hello ,

    Sorry to hear about your Whispterlite.

    Please send a description of the issue and any pictures you can provide to so that we can work on a solution for you.


  • MSR_Staff

    Hey Al,
    The threads on the Whisperlite Universal canister adaptor are aluminum. However it is always important to make sure you have the threads properly aligned before tightening on your canister.

    • Al King

      Thank you so much for this information.

  • MSR_Staff

    Hey Nix,
    I’m sorry we haven’t been able to respond to your email yet, August and September are our customer service team’s busiest months. However they should be all caught up. If your email still hasn’t been responded to, feel free to send it again to As always, if you are also welcome to give us a call at 1-800-245-2992.

  • MSR_Staff

    Hello Kirtland King ,

    Sorry to hear about your snowshoe!

    Please send a description of the issue and any pictures you can provide to so that we can work on a solution for you.